Food and wine pairing: Cantine Franzosi recommends.

Cantine Franzosi recommends

Finding the correct food and wine pairing is the key to the most effective valorization of the foods that we bring to the table.

Choosing the right wine to pair with food enhances enriches and highlights the sensorial experience of the meal: food-wine pairing is an age-old practice that is finding more and more consensus.

The sensorial spectrum of foods considers sensations such as sweetness, softness, flavor, spiciness, acidity, bitterness, fattiness and succulence (The term succulence refers to the high content of liquids in a dish such as blood in meat). These sensory characteristics should always find the right combination with those of the wine: flavor, acidity, sweetness, structure and softness.

From the knowledge of these peculiarities comes awareness in pairing: desserts are preferably served with sweet wines, as the sweetness is covering and clashes with dry wines, while fish is generally served with white wines, due to its taste delicate that requires acidity. The tannin present in red wines can, in fact, be too bitter if combined with fish-based dishes.

Instead, we will preferably choose a structured wine, with full bodied and  more alcohol content, to pair with meat dishes, roasts and game.


Praise to Rebo: “2021 Vintage Selection” which pairs with Spiedo Bresciano, Brescian spit

When dealing with the combination of meat and red wine, how can we not enhance the pairing between the Brescian spit and structured and full-bodied red wines.

The Brescian spit is a gastronomic specialty typical of the Brescia valleys and Lake Garda. It is prepared using pork, chicken and rabbit, all seasoned with melted butter, sage, lard and salt. According to tradition, the Brescian spit must cook very slowly, for four or five hours, to guarantee tender and well-cooked meat at the same time.

Given its peculiarities, the spit finds its best value if paired with full-bodied, structured and persistent red wines, such as the Benaco Bresciano Rebo Igp “Selezione 2021”, a new wine obtained with carefully selected and hand harvested Rebo grapes in the Cantina Frazosi vineyards: these are vines with low yields per hectare, located in the most suitable areas of Valtènesi.

The wine, after a long maceration at a controlled temperature to obtain noble tannins, matures in oak tonneau and further refines in the bottle. Intense ruby red color, with light garnet reflections. Fruity notes, with hints of cherry jam, plum, blackberry, currant and delicate spicy notes. Full bodied, balanced and harmonious. The tannin, soft and round, pleasantly contrasts a palate impregnated with juicy fruit mixed with spicy notes and ripe fruit. The finish is long-lasting and with good persistence.

The new Rebo “Selezione 2021” thus pairs perfectly with red meats, game, truffle dishes and mature cheeses.

Brescian Spit and Rebo wine pairing are a winning combination capable of leaving a great impression. Try it.

Rebo 2021 vintage selection


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