Valtènesi del Garda: Iconic Wine Territory

La Valtènesi

The Valtènesi lies in the heart of the morainic amphitheater on the Brescian bank of Lake Garda. It stretches from the south to the north, mapping the area between the municipalities of Desenzano and Gardone Riviera. The Valtènesi is made up of both the coastal municipalities overlooking the lake and the inland municipalities nestled on the morainic hills. Scattered with ancient villages, medieval castles, splendid villas and towers, the Valtènesi extends for 20 km of coasts which are exposed to the light of the sunrise alongside the morning and evening breezes which gift this temperate Mediterranean microclimate its unique nature.

The terroirs are of glacial origin and present with a very fine mineral skeleton which gives wines of this region sapidity, harmony and aromatic complexity.

The Wines of the Valtènesi

The Valtènesi is an important area for the production of DOC wines and extra virgin olive oil. In particular, this region produces a rosé wine called “Chiaretto” which is made from Groppello, one the area’s native vines.

There are three macro-areas which define the connection between the geography of the Valtènesi and the specific organoleptic properties of its wine. An area on the lake, with more delicate and mineral wines, a Piedmont area, with more fruity wines and one beyond the hills with more structured wines, with hints of ripe fruit.

Cantina Franziosi: Winery in Heart of the Valtènesi

Lying on the sunlit and ventilated hills of the Valtènesi, surrounded by the luxurious greenery of olive trees and vineyards and caressed by the breeze from Lake Garda, the story of the Franzosi winery begins with the passion and enthusiasm of Nonno Giovanni who skillfully passed his knowledge onto his son Bruno and his wife Ornella who in turn passed their knowledge onto his grandchildren: Paola, Giovanni and Luigi.

The Franzosi Winery has been producing wines and oils since 1938, defined as the treasures of Lake Grada. The winery is located on the hill of Monte Aullo, of morainic origin: 30 hectares of vineyards, located at an altitude that varies between 100 and 300 meters above sea level, and 6 hectares of olive groves with more than 2,500 plants of the Leccino and Casaliva varieties, which produce extra virgin olive oil.

Franzosi wines are the result of a union between earth and vineyard, tradition and oenological science. At Franziosy Winery, the terroir is privileged above all else: you must know it, love it, respect it and nurture it in order to reap the best from the fruits and make wines which retain a fundamental bond with their area of origin. In the cellar while tradition is accompanied by the most advanced technological innovations, the great protagonists of Franzosi wines remain the grapes and the terroir.

Franzosi Winery is pleased to offer its welcome guests individual and free tastings with no obligation to book and visits to the cellar with guided tastings for a fee and by reservation, to learn about the history, principles and methods of production and aging of these Valtènesi wines.

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday 9:00-12:00/14:00-18:00. Sundays and Public Holidays only in the morning 9:00-12:00.


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