Years pass, but the passion for the area remains a special feature of Franzosi.

Innovations, investments, opening to new markets: these are the abilities of the Franzosi family to grow and adapt to the passing of time, relying on well-established roots.



We are in the Valtenesi, a strip of land stretched between the Lake Garda and the Morainic Hills overlooking the Province of Brescia, a land renowned for its beautiful landscapes, a gorgeous mix of lake and hills, as well as for its wines and olive oil.  The particular microclimate regulated by the lake waters and good ventilation, in fact, confers these two products their peculiar and unique qualities that are appreciated worldwide.

Thanks to warm winters, in fact, olive trees can survive here at the highest latitude in the Northern hemisphere. Also in the summer, days are never too hot and nights not as cold as in continental areas, resulting in the absence of sharp temperature drops.

The same goes for vines, which thrive in an ideal environment for grape maturation, though somehow made difficult by warm summer nights, which favor some fungal diseases of grapes.

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Another characteristic of this area is the diversity of soil found in the south-western coast of Benaco, including warm, dry and generally quite deep soils with sand, gravel and stones. There is also an intermediary belt, characterized by a mix of ancient moraine and alluvial silt-clay components.

Then there are former swampy areas, therefore very rich in organic matter, generally located at the bottom of the valleys, at the foothills or around the wetlands near the lake.

Finally, we can also find soil featuring lake and glacier deposits, rich in silt and clay, quite different from the moraine soil nearby.

The estate

The bond between the Franzosi family and agricultural production goes back a long way: started as a small enterprise producing limited quantities of wine and olive oil for private use, over time the company has developed in one of the most prominent niche producers in Italy and abroad.

Today, the farm covers 25 hectares of fertile and rich soil covered by extensive vineyards (originally it was just 6 hectares) plus 15 additional hectares belonging to other farms, whose grapes are handled by the Franzosi, for a total of about 3500 quintals of red grapes.

But this is not all: every year, in fact, the Franzosi farm selects and processes also Lugana grapes (around 1500 quintals) from vineyards located south of the lake.

Approximately 500.000 bottles a year are produced, in various formats.

The farm has also bolstered its olive oil production, up to reaching 8 hectares of cultivated land for a total of 3000 olive trees, which produce about 200 quintals of olive oil a year.

Monte Aullo estate

This estate is located in Puegnago del Garda, it’s the heart of Cantina Franzosi, 5 hectares vineyards of Groppello vines that are more than 50 years old and more than 600 olive oil plants.

Monte Acuto estate

Located close to Salò, it covers about 2.6 hectares vineyards of Groppello and Rebo.


La Basia estate

Located in the upper part of Puegnago del Garda, it extends for about 5.5 hectares vineyards of Groppello, Marzemino and Rebo.

Soffaino estate

Located in the upper part of Puegnago del Garda, it extends for about 2 hectares vineyards, completely of Marzemino.

Picedo estate

Located in the lower part of Polpenazze del Garda, it extends for about 3.8 hectares vineyard of Groppello and over 100 olive trees.

Castello estate

Located under the square of Puegnago del Garda, it covers about 2.1 hectares vineyards and more than 600 olive trees.

Tomblino estate

Located south of Puegnago del Garda, it covers about 2 hectares vineyards, partly Rebo and partly Groppello.

Soffaino estate

Located in the northern part of Puegnago del Garda, it extends for about 3 hectares vineyards of Groppello, Marzemino and Rebo.

Fronzaga estate

Located in front of the hill of Monte Aullo, it extends for about 2.2 hectares vineyards of Marzemino and Rebo.

San Felice estate

Located in the upper part of San Felice del Benaco, it covers about 1.6 hectares vineyards of Groppello and over 100 olive trees.

“Our history is bond to our territory, Valtènesi, land of vineyards and olive trees and hills sloping down towards the lake Garda, the cradle of our Cellar, and its fruits, cultivated with love and passion, followed by seasons that alternate without interruption from work, giving wines and olive oils known in Italy and abroad”…


Our history


The company Franzosi has ancient origins, it was in fact created in the ’30s by grandfather Giovanni, passed into the hands of his son Bruno up to the three nephews Paola, Giovanni and Luigi.

The farm was founded with the intent of preserving traditional production methods while, at the same time, employing modern technology for agricultural production and winemaking.


Truly bound to and passionate about his native land, since the beginning Giovanni devoted all his energy and passion to the production of high-quality wine and olive oil, two products of Italian excellence envied by the whole world.

Over the years, the commercial farm – meantime joined also by the founder’s son Bruno – expanded and its original location became too small; it had, therefore, to be relocated, also in order to increase the quality of its products, for which there was an increase in the demand on the market.

1964 is the year of change. It was then, in fact, that the whole farm relocated to Mount Aullo, where it is today.


Years may go by but the passion for their territory of origin remains a distinctive characteristic of the Franzosi family: Bruno and Ornella’s children, in fact, have decided to join the company too and carry on the family tradition, each covering a precise role.

Paola in charge of administrative affairs and foreign relations; Giovanni heading the commercial division and Luigi overseeing the company’s internal management (production, bottling and so on).

Our phylosophy

The farm was founded with the intent of preserving traditional production methods while, at the same time, employing modern technology for agricultural production and winemaking. The philosophy at the core of the company is, therefore, to combine tradition and innovations, always respecting the territory and its peculiarities.


All products are carefully selected: pruning and thinning of bunches of grapes, for instance, clearly put a focus on quality rather than quantity.

The same applies to olive oil production: as the objective here is to obtain a high-quality product, olives are harvested by hand in the period of their middle maturity in order to obtain the best degree of acidity.

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