Vino Passito IGP

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Wine produced from selected Garganega grapes, coming from a 20 year-poor vineyard, without irrigation and with a low production.

Grapes, collected in small cases, wither in a special airy room.

Carefully selected, grapes are pressed after Christmas.

The must obtained, sweet and with a nectar aroma, ferments in small vats in a cold place during the months of February and March. It has an amber golden yellow colour, with an intense floral bouquet and vanilla, raisins and honey scent. On the palate it is wide and majestic, sweet, harmonious, velvety, mellow, with a very long aromatic persistence.

It’s a typical meditation wine, perfect after meals at a tasting temperature of 15°C.

Alcoholic strength 12% vol. 0,375 l Bottle.