Wine pairings

16 December 2021
Cantine Franzosi can help you and advise you in choosing the perfect Christmas gift, with a rich selection of gourmet Christmas packages and exclusive, tasty and irresistible gastronomic hampers [...]
28 August 2019
A glass of Rebo can be recognized by its intense ruby red colour, hints of red fruit and spicy notes, with a velvety and full-bodied taste: Benaco Bresciano Rebo IGP, more simply known […]
03 July 2019
Valtènesi Chiaretto wine boasts ancient origins and derives from a love story between Venetian Senator Pompeo Molmenti and Noblewoman Amalia Brunati. She brought him in dowry the splendid Villa Brunati in Moniga del […]
01 February 2019
Discover Garda Classico Rosso Superiore Dop red wine Privilegio, pearl of Valténesi. Are you looking for a red, intense, persistent, fine, fruity, spicy, harmonious wine? Privilegio has all these characteristics contained in a […]
03 December 2018
Christmas is coming: discover the flavors and colors that surround the Cantina Franzosi Christmas is approaching and time to think of gifts for loved ones, friends and coworkers is getting shorter and shorter. […]
29 October 2018
The Groppello is an autochthonous red berry vine, its origins are very old and for centuries it is one of the most cultivated grapes of the Garda area, it is cultivated on the […]
13 June 2018
Rebo red wine, a tribute to Rebo Rigotti’s viticulture experimentation, it has become a highlight of Cantina Franzosi in just a few years, with a modern and unique label. “Benaco Bresciano Rebo Igp”, […]
16 April 2018
A new limited edition red wine to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Franzosi Winery: let’s discover it with us! Franzosi Winery dates back to the XX century when grandfather Giovanni decided to […]
19 March 2018
Discover with us the new Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi, limited edition white wine, dedicated to Bruno Franzosi. We are proud to present you our Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi, the new wine conceived as […]
26 February 2018
Perhaps one of the oldest rosé wines, Valtènesi Chiaretto is one of a kind. It was founded in 1896 in Moniga del Garda thanks to the commitment and passion of Senator Pompeo Molmenti. […]
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