Valtènesi Riviera del Garda Classico Chiaretto DOP: Ambassador of the Valtènesi

Perhaps one of the oldest rosé wines, Valtènesi Chiaretto is one of a kind. It was founded in 1896 in Moniga del Garda thanks to the commitment and passion of Senator Pompeo Molmenti.

Floral, fruity, sapid and with a good acidity, excellent for all occasions, the Valtènesi Riviera del Garda Classico DOP Chiaretto has become a symbol for the whole territory of Valtènesi, a large area extended between Desenzano del Garda and Salò, covering almost the entire Brescia side of Lake Garda, famous above all for the production of wine and olive oil, as well as for the beauties of the landscape, Lake and hills.


Valtènesi Chiaretto DOP

Here the beneficial influence of the lake’s waters and the Valtenesi hills have helped to create a perfect microclimate, with mild temperatures throughout the year, making these areas particularly suitable for the production of fine wines.

The “Valtènesi Riviera del Garda Classico DOP Chiaretto”, or simply Valtènesi Chiaretto, is one of the most typical wines of Lake Garda.

It is produced from Groppello, Barbera, Marzemino and Sangiovese grapes. We select the most mature and healthy grapes from the best vines. Even today, during the harvest, Mr Bruno Franzosi, progenitor of the second generation Franzosi, personally controls the selection of the grapes.

And there is no quality control better that the one made with so much passion, dedication and experience of such an expert as Mr Bruno himself!

Valtènesi Chiaretto: how is it produced?

During the harvest only, the best grapes are harvested by hand, selected from vineyard and vineyard, and then vinified directly in the cellar.

Important: for the production of Valtènesi Chiaretto, contrary to what can be thought, only red grapes are used.

The process of maceration of the skins with the must is short and allows to obtain the characteristic pink rosé petal colour, typical of the Chiaretto.

If for red wines the must is macerated for a long period in contact with the skins in order to extract colour, aroma and flavour, in the case of a rosé wine the contact of the must with the skins takes only a few hours.

The vinification of Valtènesi Chiaretto ends with the classic process of decanting and fermentation, without the direct contact with the skins, as well as for a white wine.

Why Valtènesi Chiaretto?

Initially to indicate the classic rosé wine of the Lake Garda area, born from centuries old traditions, “Chiaretto” was used simply, and in a very general way.

In recent years, the Valtènesi Consortium, which works to protect and enhance the production of wines from the Riviera Bresciana of Lake Garda, has decided to promote the Valtènesi territory and its riches.

How? Combining the name Valtènesi with that of one of its most important rosé wines.

We, like most of the local wine producers, have joined this initiative, following the conditions and requirements set by the production regulations for the Valtènesi Chiaretto, to which the Protected Designation of Origin has been recognized.

Main features

Rosè wine, with ruby reflections.

Elegant, floral and fruity notes of small red berries.

Dry, fruity, mineral and elegant.


Fruity, sapid and with a good acidity, Valtènesi Chiaretto is excellent as an aperitif, but it goes well also with fish, white meats, cold cuts, young cheeses and caprese salad.

More daring and particular combinations for this wine? Try it with pizza gourmet or with sushi.

It is a wine that should be drunk young and fresh, as well as a white wine, around 10°-12° C. This is the optimal temperature for tasting, because, as we know, if the wine is too cold tends to hide the aromas and flavours.

Naturally the ice inside the glass to cool the wine is banned. Please remember that the wine must always be kept in its purity, let’s deserve the ice to the glacette to keep the bottle at the right temperature!

Reference target

Valtènesi Chiaretto can be used, as a white wine or a sparkling wine, for all occasions.

Therefore, it is much appreciated by admirers all over the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and taste the new Valtènesi Chiaretto at Cantina Franzosi, contact us here.

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