Risotto with Groppello Valtènesi Wine

Groppello is a native red grape variety that has been known since the Middle Ages and is cultivated on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, in the Valtènesi region: here, about 400 hectares are distributed on the gentle hills of morainic origin lulled by the typical Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures, always mitigated by the influence of the lake.

The name Groppello derives from the shape of the bunch: it is very tight and compact, almost like a pinecone; it also recalls the expression “groppo” (node) from the local dialect.

We mainly cultivate the Groppello Gentile which allows us to create a fragrant and elegant red wine, with a slight spiciness that goes well with meat-based first courses, grilled meat and medium-aged cheese.

Our Groppello Pdo refines only in steel in order to keep all the characteristics of the vine intact.

We propose hereafter a simple and tasty recipe you can pair with this wine to better appreciate it: Risotto with Groppello.

360 g Vialone Nano rice
120 g Formaggella di Tremosine cheese
20 gr Coppery onion
1 and 1/2 Glass of Riviera del Garda Classico Groppello DOP wine
About 1 l Vegetable or meat broth
Grated aged Garda cheese
Salt and pepper


Chop the onion and brown it in a thick non-stick pan with very little butter, add the rice and toast briefly, then add the Groppello red wine and let it evaporate.
Cook the risotto for 15-20 minutes, adding 1 ladle of hot broth each time the previously poured one is absorbed.

When almost cooked, add a small knob of butter, season with salt and pepper and finally add the diced cheese together with plenty of grated aged Garda cheese. Cover the risotto with a lid and allow to rest for 1 minute before serving.

The ideal pairing for this dish is certainly our Riviera del Garda Classico Groppello PDO red wine, which you can buy in our cellar or order on our online shop.

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