Rebo Franzosi wine with Spiedo Bresciano, a great classic

A glass of Rebo can be recognized by its intense ruby red colour, hints of red fruit and spicy notes, with a velvety and full-bodied taste: Benaco Bresciano Rebo IGP, more simply known as Rebo, is an extraordinary vine for its history and productivity.

Retracing its origins means taking a step back in time to the 1950s, when agronomist Rebo Rigotti conducted his experiments at the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige, in Trentino, to find a substitute for Merlot which could be used in the less suitable areas for cultivation.

The Rebo vine – classified as Incrocio Rigotti 107-3 – takes its name from its creator and is born from the cross between Teroldego, a native vine arrived in Trentino arond the end of the nineteenth century, and Merlot.

The Rebo vine is born and grows in Trentino, in particular in Valle dei Laghi, where it is characterized by the Trentino DOC Denomination.

Due to its agronomic characteristics, it is cultivated throughout Northern and Central Italy and, outside its territory of origin, it is recognized as a IGP.

Cantine Franzosi is one of the few companies on Lake Garda that cultivate Benaco Bresciano Rebo IGP: our grapes come from the Brescian side of the lake and thanks to a meticulous selection process, manual harvesting and vinification, we produce this wine with an excellent structure.

Recently, the production has been extended to another 5 hectares, a choice of which we are very proud, because Rebo wine generates unique emotions.

It is a structured and elegant wine that brings together the gentleness of Teroldego’s aromas and the sustained body of Merlot.

Right from the start, Rebo expresses its organoleptic features and bears moderate aging in the bottle. Indeed, if kept in a good cellar, this wine can age for several years.

Thanks to its velvety taste and its spicy notes, it is perfect for all seasons and not only for the winter months.

We recommend tasting it in combination with grilled meats, entrecôte, lamb and medium-aged cheeses.
In particular, Rebo finds its perfect pairing with the Brescian-style skewered meat (Spiedo Bresciano) accompanied by polenta taragna.

Spiedo Bresciano is the dish that best represents the gastronomic tradition of our territory.

The ingredients vary according to the area and family tradition, but the main characteristics are well defined: the dish consists of pieces of various types of meat such as pork, chicken, rabbit and, in the past, even pieces of small game.

The pieces of meat, alternated with pieces of potatoes or sage leaves, are threaded on long skewers, locally called ranfie; during cooking, plenty of melted butter is poured onto the skewers and the whole is cooked over very slow heat in special rotating ovens, for several hours.

It is a dish that will surely win over the palate of those who love intense flavours and it gives its very best if accompanied by a glas of Rebo wine.

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