Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi 2016 Limited edition has arrived

Discover with us the new Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi, limited edition white wine, dedicated to Bruno Franzosi.

We are proud to present you our Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi, the new wine conceived as a reward to Bruno Franzosi, in recognition of his great work, a small thank for all the teaching, passion, love and care that Mr. Bruno still gives us day by day, over the years.

To Bruno we dedicate this excellent white wine, selecting the best bunches and vinifying them with even greater care.

Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi

Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi

Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi was born 18 months after the red wine Garda Classico Superiore “Selezione Bruno Franzosi”, a celebration of Bruno and Ornella Franzosi 45th wedding anniversary.

To give the right recognition to Bruno, founder of Cantina Franzosi, who devotes every day, body and soul to the cultivation of the vine with lots of love, enthusiasm, humility and respect for the environment, the two wines are to him dedicated.

How Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi is made

Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi is obtained from a careful selection of 100% Trebbiano di Lugana grapes, also known as Turbiana, grown south of Lake Garda, between Desenzano and Sirmione. The grapes are hand harvested at full ripeness and put into boxes in the middle of October and the calcareous clay soil gives to the wine structure with a great capacity for aging.

Warning: we are talking about a limited edition white wine! In fact, the grapes are obtained from the oldest vines of Lugana vineyard.

The Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi has a greater structure and more refined aromas. It ages in used barrique for several months, around 18 months, followed by a further bottle aging.

Produced in extremely limited quantities, it seeks to underline the full potential what the wines of Lugana are capable of being.

The slow exchange of oxygen that occurs during this refinement phase also allows for a softer, more pleasant and less astringent wine on the palate.

Main combinations

The aging in barrique gives to Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi an intense straw yellow colour, with golden reflections.

The nose reveals hints of ripe fruit, peaches yellow apples, delicate spicy notes.

The palate is enveloped by a strong attack while maintaining all its freshness and elegance.

The full structure is accompanied by a good acidity and characteristic minerality that completely clean the palate leaving it filled with delicate aromas.

Ideal with first and second dishes of fish and shellfish, with white meats and poultry and medium-aged cheeses.

Alcohol content is around 13% vol.

Target group

Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi is a more complex wine than a vintage Lugana.

In fact, we are talking about a wine, full of flavors and complex notes, conferred by the barrique and the type of French wood used, that gives the wine a particular fragrance, reminiscent of spices and a fruity, notes suitable not only for connoisseurs, but for wine lovers.


The Lugana Selezione Bruno Franzosi should be served in the right glass, only in this way will it be possible to enjoy all the most complex and refined aromas and characteristics.

There are wine glasses in different shapes and variations. We recommend Burgunderglas, balloon-shaped glass.

In the very generously designed, balloon shaped goblets, the full-bodied, fruity aroma of the wine can develop optimally. Thanks to the sturdy stem, you can also easily swivel the glass without changing the temperature of the wine by touching the calyx.

The glass must be optimally adapted to the wine, so that the different taste nuances and aroma structures are expressed. The shape of the wine glass can influence the enjoyment of wine in many ways:


A wine glass should enable us to see the color of the wine, after all, it is an important criterion in the assessment of a drop.


The first impression counts! The nose determines whether we like the wine or not. The glass must therefore have a shape that gives us clarity about the intensity and quality of the wine.


After the nose is already convinced, one would like to be able to enjoy the promised flavors. The shape and the material are crucial at this point.

Serve it at around 14°C, strictly without ice in the glass.

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