Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the treasures of our territory is the oil of Lake Garda: the wonderful microclimate of the lake allows olives to grow even at our latitude, among the most northerly in Europe.

Among our oils, the Leccino olive variety, cultivated in our olive groves, is extremely resistant and vigorous and it has been present on Lake Garda since the early 1900s.

The purplish black olives are harvested by hand, selected and promptly pressed, with cold pressing in a continuous cycle, thus guaranteeing a precious, delicate and fruity oil that goes well with the recipes based on lake fish, perch, whitefish (also called Lavarello, with fine meat, a distant relative of Salmons) filleted and baked in foil with aromatic herbs and cherry tomatoes, but also in pinzimonio (vinaigrette of crudités), with cooked and raw vegetables, sauces, bruschetta and fresh cheese.

How should this special oil be tasted? Professionals use a spherical blue glass. Blue has a technical reason: the color of the oil must not influence our judgment. We can also use a small glass. The freshly poured oil should be heated to about 28 degrees. The warmth of the hand is fine. Use the other hand to cover the mouth of the glass to capture the aromas. Wait and smell, then take a little sip of oil, inspiring vigorously with the semi-open mouth. What happens? You will enjoy an explosion of aromas ranging from artichoke, valerian, freshly mown grass, balsamic herbs, tomatoes to hints of almonds that will turn into sweet notes. You must try it!

If you want to buy our Leccino extra virgin olive oil you can taste it in our Cellar or receive it comfortably at home by using our online shop

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