Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the green gold of Garda

Not just wine: Franzosi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the prince of the table. Taste with us its delicate flavor and full of light and balanced aromas.

Why has the Azienda Agricola & Cantina Franzosi become famous over the years, not only in Italy but also abroad?

At first glance we can think of the production of a wide variety of wines ranging from reds, rosés and whites, the result of fatigue, sweat and passion in cultivating the native land (see please: “Cantine Franzosi 2.0: the combination of innovation and tradition“).

We must also emphasize the ability of the Franzosi family to innovate and evolve over time, starting from the attachment and enhancement of the past, focusing on innovations from a technological point of view and opening up to new markets.

But there’s more: since the first half of the twentieth century the Franzosi family produces different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, becoming the prince of the table of many Italians and more.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive tree: genuine product

If the vine is the queen of the territory, the olive tree is the prince, always present in the area of Lake Garda, began to play a key role in the seventh century A.D. as evidenced by an edict of 643 which applied pecuniary sanctions to those who were surprised to damage olive trees.

Already in the Middle Ages the Garda oil was distinguished by high quality and high economic value compared to oils from other origins and was used with excellent results both in nutrition and in medicine.

Food use was destined to few, since in the early Middle Ages “4-6 Kg of Gardesan oil was as good as a very large pig”.

In the Renaissance, the work of man has instead contributed to delineating the characteristic features of the agrarian landscape to make the area famous.

The Garda oil is produced at the northernmost latitude of Europe, thanks to the particularly mild microclimate, with temperatures never too rigid, protected by the Alps and with an immense basin of water that mitigates the winters and cradled by a good ventilation.

By virtue of this it is possible the cultivation and growth of the olive tree.

Among the morainic hills grow the olive trees of the Casaliva, Frantoio and Leccino varieties, with which it produces a delicate, light and digestible oil with a fruity and pleasantly spicy flavour.

The Azienda Agricola Franzosi has several hectares divided between the municipalities of Puegnago, Polpenazze and San Felice, on hilly terrain and close to the lake.

The olives are still harvested manually, at the time of the right maturation to obtain the best organoleptic conditions, pressed during the day allowing to obtain a valuable oil, with healthy properties.

It is an oil of great value, light and fruity, rich in chlorophyll, sapid and harmonious. It enriches and harmonizes salads, enhances the flavours of fish and meat, makes excellent fry.

Cultivated by the patient and passionate hands of members of the Franzosi family, it has become one of the company’s flagship products.

Our oils

The different types of oil produced and marketed in Italy and abroad by the Azienda Agricola & Cantina Franzosi differ with unique characteristics.

An example?

The “Casaliva” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from a careful selection of Casaliva olives, a native variety of Lake Garda. The olives are harvested by hand and pressed promptly with cold extraction in a continuous plant.

Golden color with greenish reflections, strong, intense and balanced flavour. Notes of green clover and artichoke.

It is ideal on fish, grilled red meats, game, venison, bruschette, (garlic bread), cheeses.

The precious “Fiore” Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from the careful selection of Leccino, Casaliva, Frantoio olives, hand-picked and pressed immediately, with cold extraction in a continuous plant.

Golden color with an intense, soft and delicate taste of ripe olives, blackberry.

Ideal with fish, white meats, vegetables and cheeses.

Another excellence is the “Leccino” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from a careful selection of Leccino olives, the most widespread cultivar in the world, cultivated on Lake Garda since ancient times thanks to its vigour and cold resistance. The olives are selected and harvested by hand, promptly pressed with cold extraction in a continuous plant.

Golden color with greenish reflections, balanced, gentle, fruity, characterized by hints of Valerian and dandelion, with almond aftertaste.

It is ideal on mushroom appetizers, seafood salads, fish, white meats, soups, vegetables, fresh cheeses, apple fritters, cakes and biscuits.

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