A novelty of western Lake Garda

We are proud and glad to introduce you our new white wine, born from our vineyards in Valtènesi, thanks to the passion and love for our territory, rich in history, tradition and culture.

The vine is Incrocio Manzoni, created by Prof. Luigi Manzoni at the Viticulture and Oenology School of Conegliano, in Veneto. The results of these crossings, which took place in 1930, became known as the Incrocio Manzoni, by crossing Riesling Renano and Pinot Bianco (Cross 6.0.13).

From Pinot Bianco, the wine gets its round, full body and plump fruit characteristics, from Riesling comes acidity and minerality. The combination of those attributes creates an incredibly attractive style of wine.

3 Sensi: a wine that embodies sensorial balance

We called our wine 3 Sensi because, tasting this wine, three sense are activated: sight, smell and taste.

The first sense involved in this process is sight: our 3 Sensi wine is first tasted with the eyes, admiring its straw color with greenish reflections.

The second sense is the smell that reveals two types of aromas that characterize this new wine:

  • Primary aromas: the aromas from the grape

The so-called primary aromas are also considered fruit aromas because they come directly from the grape or its berries. Each grape variety develops its own varietal taste. Climate and soil also play an important role.

  • Secondary aromas: wine aromas that arise during fermentation and aging of the wine

Secondary aromas arise in the process of winemaking, especially during fermentation and the aging of the wine on the fine lees. The alcoholic fermentation at low temperature preserves the fruity and floral aromas from the berry.

On the nose are perceived the floral notes of wildflowers and fruity notes of exotic fruit, peach and apple.

Last, but not least, the taste: pleasant, fruity, savory, and mineral palate, lively and persistent.

3 Sensi is a fine, elegant, delicate, full-bodied and balanced wine.

Garda wine: characteristics and recommended combinations

Obtained by selecting the best bunches, the wine refines five months in steel, before bottling.

Excellent paired with appetizers, fish, shellfish, white meat and poultry.

In this wine, the balance between sight, smell and taste represents the alchemy of happiness.


Come and visit us to discover the new 3 Sensi wine in all its shades.

Un nuovo vino dalla Valtènesi: 3 sensi.

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