Winemakers and olive growers for 3 generations

The Franzosi farm boasts ancient origins dating back to the first half of the twentieth century, when patriarch Giovanni, a Polpenazze native, following a successful intuition, decided to establish this “agricultural” firm in Puegnago, in the heart of the Valténesi.

Truly bound to and passionate about his native land, since the beginning Giovanni devoted all his energy and passion to the production of high-quality wine and olive oil, two products of Italian excellence envied by the whole world.

Over the years, the commercial farm – meantime joined also by the founder’s son Bruno – expanded and its original location became too small; it had, therefore, to be relocated, also in order to increase the quality of its products, for which there was an increase in the demand on the market.

1964 is the year of change. It was then, in fact, that the whole farm relocated to Mount Aullo, where it is today.

Years may go by but the passion for their territory of origin remains a distinctive characteristic of the Franzosi family: Bruno and Ornella’s children, in fact, have decided to join the company too and carry on the family tradition, each covering a precise role.

Paola in charge of administrative affairs and foreign relations; Giovanni heading the commercial division and Luigi overseeing the company’s internal management (production, bottling and so on).

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