Garda Lake

We are in the Valtenesi, a strip of land stretched between the Lake Garda and the Morainic Hills overlooking the Province of Brescia, a land renowned for its beautiful landscapes, a gorgeous mix of lake and hills, as well as for its wines and olive oil.  The particular microclimate regulated by the lake waters and good ventilation, in fact, confers these two products their peculiar and unique qualities that are appreciated worldwide.

Thanks to warm winters, in fact, olive trees can survive here at the highest latitude in the Northern hemisphere. Also in the summer, days are never too hot and nights not as cold as in continental areas, resulting in the absence of sharp temperature drops.

The same goes for vines, which thrive in an ideal environment for grape maturation, though somehow made difficult by warm summer nights, which favor some fungal diseases of grapes.

Another characteristic of this area is the diversity of soil found in the south-western coast of Benaco, including warm, dry and generally quite deep soils with sand, gravel and stones. There is also an intermediary belt, characterized by a mix of ancient moraine and alluvial silt-clay components.

Then there are former swampy areas, therefore very rich in organic matter, generally located at the bottom of the valleys, at the foothills or around the wetlands near the lake.

Finally, we can also find soil featuring lake and glacier deposits, rich in silt and clay, quite different from the moraine soil nearby.

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